Tonsil Stones Bad Breath – How to Stop?

Bad_breath_tonsil_stonesHave you ever heard about Tonsil stones before ? The majority of people may say no and we can expect few to say “Yes”. Most people might have heard about stones in Kidney but only a few people might have heard about them. Now let’s first see:

What really are they?

It is also known by the name Tonsilloliths and Tonsils are glands which are found in the back of your throat. They contain lymphocytes tissues and they prevent our body from infection.

Remember, tonsils play an important role to improve our immune system and they prevent bacterias and virus particles entering into our throat.

When tonsils get filled with bacteria, dead cells get trapped. The trapped dead cells or mucous get hardened and this leads to the formation of Tonsilloliths.

If you see the symptoms chronic inflammation in your tonsils, then it means you are suffering from them.

How tonsils foul breath related with each other?

Bad-Breath-tonsil-stonesMany people believe fetid breath is due to poor dental hygiene or due to gastrointestinal infection. But the truth is tonsil stones foul breath is also related to each other. The whitish yellow plugs have a foul smell due to calcium, mucus, bacteria and collagen get caught with the back side of your throat.

Even food deposits get trapped inside your mouth and if the food particles stay within tiny crevices for longer time, this could cause not good smell in your mouth.

To find Tonsilloliths offensive mouths, you must know the exact location of your tonsils.

Protruding tonsilloliths are difficult to remove but don’t worry they are not harmful. If any person is suffering from offensive mouths you can tell them stones causes fetid breath too.

Do tonsilloliths always cause offensive mouths ?

They are formed through food and foreign materials that have entered into your jaw , and sometimes after the food particles get rot inside jaw and when you breath, bad odor comes out from jaw.

They contain high amount of sulfur and studies have shown that 75% of people who has a greater amount of sulfur in their mouth can cause plugs. If you cough tonsil strong this can increase foul breath by 10 times.

When the stone gets exposed, and when you breath the smell of your mouth can be too much. Some people take out their tonsils to eliminate the stone, but the truth is bad breath coming from the tonsil area will still occur.

Some tonsil stones offensive mouths remedies

HalitosisIt is very important to get rid of them to have fresh breath. While getting older they can become dangerous. Even if you remove your tonsils, the sulfur that produces bacteria beneath your tongue can cause fetid breath.

Oxygenating tablets and nasal drops are powerful to eliminate tonsil stones, so drop the idea of doing tonsil surgery. After removing tonsils, use daily oxygenating tooth paste and mouth wash.

This will stop from forming nosily stones again and effectively neutralizes bad odor from your mouth. Some other effective remedies are:

  • In your daily diet include food items like apple, carrots, celery, onion, cucumber and water chestnuts. All these food items will control the growth of bacteria and they will destroy oral bacteria. In this way, it will control bad breath.
  • Avoid taking dairy products because they will come back again and this will again affect bad breathe.
  • Include daily probiotic yoghurt in your diet. They contain good bacteria and keeps way bad odor causing bacteria forming in your mouth. Eat sugar free probiotic yoghurt to avoid the growth of them.

How to prevent fetid breath?

Natural remedies are good to cure tonsilstones permanently and from this you will get rid of offensive mouths.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, so take a cup of warm water and mix 2tbsp lemon juice in it. Add a pinch of salt in the water and gargle for 2 minutes.

Keep the mixture in your mouth for a few minutes, this will prevent from causing foul breath. Never forget to gargle after every meal and use mouthwash. Remove Tonsilloliths carefully with finger or cotton and prevent bad breath.


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Lyle MacLeod - January 11, 2018

A good thing to do to get rid of the smell is rubbing some honey on your tonsils. Apparently they kill the bad bacteria around your tonsils which cause the formation of the stones in the first place. I’d imagine most people will have this already in their homes so it’ll be more appealing.

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