How to Prevent Tonsil Stones? – The Best Effective Way!

medical-exam-preventTonsil stones are those whitish yellow lumps formed at the back of the throat on the surface of tonsil glands, by the hardening and calcifying of debris in the tonsils.

They occur when food particles, fungus, bacteria or other materials accumulate in the tiny crevices of tonsils and then decomposes/solidifies to form Tonsilloliths or Tonsil stones.


People with chronic tonsillitis are more likely to be prone to them. However, large of them are rarely found and quite unlikely to occur.

Most of them are harmless, though the issue is the annoying bad odour that emanate from these plugs. And that is the reason why we need to discuss how to avert  them.

Appearance of big tonsilloliths is most often characterised by bad breath, swelling, and difficulty in swallowing, bad taste, ear ache and sore throat. Diagnosis is difficult in most cases, as they appear silently and does not exhibit many symptoms unless aggravated.

Treatment of plugs is easy. But as they say, ’prevention is better than cure’, it is always better to prevent them from appearing rather than having to treat.

Preventing Tonsil Stones – the Need to Go Natural

PreventPrevention of tonsilloliths involves many methods including surgical measures. But rather than thinking of how to prevent them, itis far better if we could detect the causes and stop plugs from reappearing.

This will ensure that we do not have to deal with this issue in future again. So it is more important to see how to prevent plugs from coming back with the help of certain natural practices and methods.

When discussing about how to avert tonsilloliths naturally, there are a few practices you need to follow.

Natural Methods to Prevent Tonsil Stones

Right eating – certain food items when consumed in the right proportion can hinder the growth of plugss. Besides, it enhancesthe body’s basic immune system.

Brushing and cleaning your mouth- especially after meals, can ensure that debris food particles are thoroughly removed from your teeth and other hidden parts of your mouth.

Regular use of tongue scrapper-makes sure that food residue that could not be removed with the tooth brush is also fully to prevent tonsil stones from coming back

Water consumption – Just like in the case of kidney stones, water consumption can minimize the risk of plugs formation.

Water can flush out your system removing any remnant materials and also moisturise your mouth thus preventing tonsilloliths formation to a great extent. Sugary drinks should however be avoided.

Preventing Tonsil Stones with Home Remedies

Now take a look at a few home remedies to avert  plugs.  It is widely believed that eating crunchy vegetable can remove Tonsilloliths. Carrots, celery and cucumber when consumed can dislocate the stone and flush it away via the digestive system.

These crunchy vegetables contain tough fibre strands that act like bristles of a tooth brush to scrape away the hidden tonsilloliths. Yet another method to discuss on how to avert  them would be dissolving it with vinegar gargle.

tonsil-paint-preventThey are actually calcified lumps and since vinegar can dissolve calcium, regular gargling with warm vinegar solution can prove to be helpful. It can dissolve the existing stones and avert  them from reappearing too.

They can also form as an outcome of chronic nasal drip. Therefore maintaining a clear nasal passage using saline nasal spray or nasal irrigation can act as a precaution against them.

Probiotic yoghurt can be an excellent counter to attack tonsilloliths. Probiotic yoghurt is equipped with millions of good bacteria that can overpower the odour causing sulphur bacteria in plugs. It benefits your digestive system by ensuring smooth absorption as well.

No serious findings have been made in the medicine world as to how to prevent tonsilloliths from forming.

But if these natural methods of precaution are followed systematically, it can be prevented to a large extent.

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