Tonsil Stones Post Nasal Drip – Treating The Two at One Go

Discussing tonsil stones and its implications would be highly incomplete without addressing the issue of post nasal drips.

It is the condition where the excessive mucous produced by nasal mucosa accumulates in the nose or throat. This can also be due to acute or chronic rhinitis or sinusitis.

Prolonged or chronic rhinal drips can often lead to bad breath and tonsilloliths. Tonsilloliths and rhinal stillicidium is a condition that can quickly follow an attack of post nasal drip.nasal-drip

This is because both of them go hand in hand whereas the bacteria that causes both of these conditions is considered.

Tonsils and Rhinal Stillicidium – The Inter-Relation

Does rhinal stillicidium cause tonsils? Well, the answer is yes!

Tonsil and rhinal drips is very closely connected.

086Mucous is a protein. Whenever there is a nasal stillicidium along the nasal passage, the mucous drips down the throat through the back of tongue where the tonsils gland lies.

The tonsils gland’s crevices are like a store house of bacteria that feeds on the debris food materials, mucous and other materials.

The crevices in the tonsils also collect mucous and nasal drops.

Over a period of time this nasal drip accumulates and becomes a feeding ground for sulphur bacteria, thereby causing tonsil stones or Tonsilloliths. This is often accompanied by bad odour and smelly mouth.

In short, it  ultimately result in causing tonsil stones.

Reasons for occurrence

Tonsil and rhinal drips, as such are two severe conditions in themselves. Not to mention the trouble when you get plugs nasal stillicidium which isan indeed annoying condition to live with.

Tonsil stones post nasal drip whichWorst still, tonsil stones post nasal drip fetid breath can make your life even more embarrassing,as here you also have the ‘offensive mouths’ issue too to deal with.

  • The ultimate solution to this would be a comprehensive treatment that directly addresses both these conditions in a single go.

Since a tonsilloliths is glob of mucous decomposed and solidified, treating nasal drips and its reoccurrence can itself be a solution to plugs too.

Once the rhinal drips stops and never comes back again, you are somewhat sure not to get tonsilloliths too.

Treatment methods involved

When it comes to sickness treatment, the ideal solution would be the TheraBreath tonsil stone kit. This simple method of cure constitutes elements that can tackle the issue of post nasal drip along with the plugs all at once.

  • The active ingredient of the kit is an oxygenating formula- the TheraBreath sinus drops. This highly effective formula passesthrough the oral cavity and attacks the exact location of mucus and bacterial interaction. Apart from this active ingredient, the kit also contains AktivOxigen tablets.tonsil stones post nasal drip treatment

These tablets work to immerse the throat with oxygenating liquids thereby flushing out bacteria and cleaning the tonsils.

Daily TheraBreath formulas are also included in the kit so that the cleansed tonsil system is maintained clean and your breath remains to be fresh and odour free.

Without the right and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, tonsils rhinal drop condition can worsen beyond measure.

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  • Updated April 15, 2017
christopher ikenna - January 30, 2016

How can i get the TheraBreath kit. pls reply in an urgent manner.



Hello, i was gland to learn about Therabreath tonsil stone kit.I have been battling with post nasal drips and tonsils infections for 5 years now.I am a Nigerian and i live in Nigeria. pls sir, how and where can i get this Therabreath tonsil stone kit? thank you sir. looking forward to receiving a positive reply from you

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