Hassle Free Tonsil Stone Removal

Doctor-Examining-Child-tonsil-stonesDepending on the gravity of the situation, medical tonsillolith remedies may not be necessary. Tonsilloliths are generally referred to as tonsil stones.

The tonsils have craters that vary in size from person to person.

There are times when food items get lodged in these craters and if they are not expelled by drinking water or coughing, bacteria will begin eating at them causing infections that lead to the formation of a foul smelling pus like contaminant.


The subject of tonsil stone removal is pretty straightforward and there are simple solutions to the question on how to remove them effectively.

Something like plugs evacuation at home is something that anyone can perform with ease given that the right set of tools are utilized in the process.

When it comes to a common oral problem like existent tonsilloliths, most people rarely require a drastic measure such as removal surgery.

Because of this, there is really zero to minimal removal cost that individuals experiencingthe conundrum need to worry about.

Managing Self-Extraction Procedures

Medical-Exam-girl-TonsillitisOne of the easiest ways to address a Tonsilloliths removal necessity is by self-extraction. For this particular option, the tools that an individual needs include water, a bobby pin, several pieces of cotton swabs, a mirror, a handy flashlight, and some paper towels.

When it comes to the bobby pin, it should be sterilized. This can be done by swabbing the pin with isopropyl alcohol prior to usage.

Face the mirror and shine the light into the opening of the mouth to see if there are any plugs. They will appear as off-white spots across the inner parts of the cheek apart from the area of the tonsils.

In some occasions, these may also appear by the tongue area. The locations of these stones should be taken note of.

  • One of the most common questions with regard to them is on whether or not removing tonsil stones hurt and the answer to this inquiry is no.

mediacl-removalThe most pain that a person will feel is during the extraction stage when the bobby pin, the ultimate removal tool, is used as a pricking instrument. Even without a high level of pain, people should be aware of the fact that some bleeding might occur but this is normal and not something that has to be worried about. Bleeding is actually a good sign.

Open the mouth widely and use the bobby pin to scrape them out of the location where it is lodged. This will take some time to accomplish so be patient. After some time, the saliva will thicken and the easiest way to thin it out, making the extraction process easier, is by taking a sip of water.

If the tonsil stone elimination attempt is successful, the individual will be able to scoop up the dislodged stones with a cotton swab and collected for disposal.

  • When disposing of the collected plugs, see to it that they are placed on a paper towel. When it comes to the cotton swab, do not reuse the swabs because it can cause cross-contamination which will make all extraction efforts worthless.
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After the initial extraction, use a clean finger or two to check the internal walls of the mouth for any leftover. If there are remaining stones, the process simply has to be repeated until everything has been removed.

If available, use an oral irrigator to give the insides of the mouth a proper rinse.

This is a better tool to use with plugs removal attempts because it releases a significant amount of water at a particular level of pressure that can dislodge remaining stones that were scraped out but not completely extracted.

The Need to Remove Tonsilloliths

Do Tonsilloliths need to be removed? The answer to this is yes. This is because they are highly infectious and they can multiply with ease.

The stones result from oral bacterial infection that can easily lead to more serious health concerns for the affected individual. Apart from the health scare involved, they also lead to the development of bad breath which can affect a person’s social life.


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