Tonsil Stones Treatment – Natural vs Antibiotics vs Laser

medical-treatmentThe tonsils are oral glands that are located at the back of people’s mouths by the throat area.

These appear as pockets hanging on each side of the throat and are made out of tissue. People that take a closer look at these glands will find the tissue to be lined with small craters.

These craters work by making the tonsils resilient against grave infections.

  • Although the craters serve a rather protective purpose, they also become the cause of tonsil problems like the formation of tonsil stones.

What are Tonsil Stones?

treating-tonsillitisAlthough small in size, tonsil craters are susceptible to absorbing food debris when people eat. There are pieces of food that get jammed in these craters and over time develop bacteria-induced infections.

This type of infection is not extremely serious but can cause bad breath. When bacteria reaches the food deposits in these craters, they react in such a way that a sticky yellowish white substance is formed.

This pus like substance carries an intensely foul odor.

Potential Remedies

Different types of plugs treatment can be considered. The best cure for tonsil stones is the treatment that gets the job done. There are options for home treatment when it comes to the removal of these buggers.of tonsil stones treatment

This involves self-extraction for every single stone.

For those who are fully capable of self-extraction, a simple household pin, sterilized of course, and a couple of cotton swabs are all that is necessary to make a successful attempt.

Although natural treatment for tonsil stones are readily available not to mention quite convenient, they are the preferred form of their treatment by most of those who encounter such an issue.

  • antybiotics-laserThis is not for everybody though as others prefer a more scientific approach and this is why laser treatment is also a possible course of action.

This particular approach is best suited to those who have more serious cases of their formation.

When left unaddressed for prolonged periods of time, tonsil stones harden up to a point where manual extraction techniques are no longer reliable. A non-invasive and painless method of removing them effectively is with the use of a dental laser.

  • Short light pulses and waves of mild electrical current are passed through the stones. These can either discharge the deposit or disintegrate them altogether.

tonsillitis-antybioticsThis is a rather costly option though so if it is not really all too necessary, it is best if natural remedies be utilized instead.

When it comes to available plugs cure options, another excellent option involves making use of antibiotics.

Western medications work pretty well at eliminating bacterial infections and preventing them from reoccurring.

The antibiotics work by killing the bacteria causing the infection and boosting immunity so that the infection will subside.

The medicines are not that expensive and they only have to be taken once or twice a day for about five days.

For someone who is not interested in extracting plugs one by one or undergoing expensive medical procedures, this is another viable option to take into consideration for easy their removal.Ayurvedic tonsil stone treatment

Ayurvedic treatment is also available in this case where the most common Tonsilloliths  treatment involves warm milk combined with small amounts of turmeric powder and black pepper.

The turmeric and pepper act as disinfectants and it is actually the warm milk that serves a healing purpose.

  • When they are disinfected by the turmeric and the pepper, the affected areas become less inflamed.

As this happens, the stones are easily dislodged from the internal oral craters and then washed away. It is best if this drink is consumed slowly so as to give all three ingredients enough time to do their magic.

When Should Professionals be Consulted?

There are different options available when it comes to viable tonsil stones cure. There is always a better remedy to consider given the gravity of the bacterial infection forming them.

When it comes to this kind of problem, a professional should be consulted if the individual is in doubt as to which particular approach should be taken into account. Also, if the problem continues to persist even after several extractions, call a doctor.

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carol - March 25, 2017

Really..tonsil stones can give you a hell of time..I have tried the use of hydrogen peroxide and antibiotics it is working for me.. But I just pray this thing is over…it stresses me big time

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